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As an immigrant to the United States, my journey has been filled with gratitude for the opportunities that citizenship has granted me. Originally trained as a teacher in Africa, I made the bold decision to settle in the USA and embark on a new career path as an IT technician. This unexpected turn in my life has proven to be immensely fulfilling, allowing me to blend my passion for technology with my desire to contribute to society.


Alongside my professional endeavors, I have also ventured into the realm of writing, chronicling my personal experiences and reflections in two thought-provoking books: " The Long Walk " and "The Bold Path." These books delve into the challenges and triumphs I encountered along my journey as an immigrant, shedding light on the diverse range of experiences faced by individuals seeking a new life in a foreign land.


One of my core values is dedication, and I firmly believe in the power of hard work. This mindset has driven me to continuously strive for personal and professional growth, and it has also shaped my approach to connecting with others. With fluency in approximately eight languages, including my native tongue, I am uniquely equipped to bridge language barriers and communicate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds. This linguistic versatility has allowed me to form a remarkable team of like-minded individuals who share similar linguistic capabilities. Together, we are able to connect with people from various communities, fostering understanding and empathy.


In addition to our linguistic prowess, I have assembled a talented and versatile IT team that encompasses a wide range of expertise. Each member brings their unique skills and knowledge to the table, allowing us to tackle complex technological challenges with confidence and efficiency. By leveraging our collective experience and staying at the forefront of advancements in the IT industry, we consistently deliver exceptional solutions and support to our clients.


As an immigrant, author, and IT professional, I am committed to making a positive impact on society. I am grateful for the opportunities that the USA has provided me and I am dedicated to giving back by utilizing my skills, experiences, and resources to contribute meaningfully to my community and beyond.

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